Patient Stories

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Nothing Can Stop a Father Committed to his Daughter’s Future
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Nothing stands in the way of Leon’s dreams, thanks to his mom
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The Future Shines Bright for Innocent – and for Many in Zimbabwe
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A Malagasy mother’s quest for care—and acceptance
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The 5%: Children with Complex Clubfoot, Part 2
A Mother’s Love Unlocks a Life of Opportunity
A Mother’s Message to the World: There Is a Place That Offers Hope for Our babies
The First Steps in Treatment Journey for MiracleFeet’s 50,000th Patient
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How a Father’s Faith and Fortitude Changed His Daughter’s Life
Treatment Gives Family Hope for a Brighter Future
The Power of a Mother’s Love and Parents’ Activism
Determined Mother Walks 18 KM to Clinic to Complete Son’s Treatment Before Country Lockdown
Dad Pedals 1,200 Miles for His Son’s Mobility
They Call It Health Care for a Reason
A Long Search for Treatment. A Teen’s Life Transformed.
Chance Meeting in Liberian Village Changes Henroy’s Life
Now She Can Enjoy a Milestone Most Kids Take for Granted
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Family Travels Twelve Hours for Clubfoot Treatment in Bolivia
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Midwife Helps Makara Find Clubfoot Treatment
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Sonita’s Parents Stay Strong
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14-Year Wait for Clubfoot Treatment
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