There are mothers, and then there are clubfoot mothers

April 24, 2024

Mothers: life-givers, caretakers, protectors, multi-tasking masters. And then there are mothers of little ones born with clubfoot, who tread through fear, disappointment, and shame to ensure their children have hope. These are mothers who have walked for miles searching for a solution, desperate for answers, knocking on every door until one finally opens. These are mothers who have scrimped and saved, taken on a second job, spent every cent and all their energy on a better future for their child. They’ve learned how to bathe a baby without wetting their casts and rocked their sons and daughters through long nights as they adjust to sleeping with a brace. These are mothers who comfort during weekly casting appointments, support foot and leg stretches, and console before and after tenotomies. When a child born with clubfoot takes their first steps on straight feet, no one’s smile is bigger than their mother’s.  

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Happiness and her son Prince

When Happiness gave birth to her son Prince, she was devastated to learn he had clubfoot. As a single mother, the uncertainty of what to do or where to turn was overwhelming. Holding his little newborn feet in her hands, she felt helpless and her emotions spilled down her face. When another woman noticed her tears, she told Happiness about a special clinic and suggested she bring her son for a visit. The special clinic was a MiracleFeet-supported clubfoot facility in Abuja, Nigeria where doctors lifted a heavy weight from Happiness when they told her there was a treatment for her son’s feet. 

Hope and Happiness for Clubfoot Parents in Nigeria

Happy Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate Happiness and mothers around the world who lead with love and determination. But even more important than celebration, these mothers deserve support: a clinic closer to their homes, more doctors and midwives trained in clubfoot detection, free clinic visits, and readily available treatment.

Your support today ensures that mothers like Happiness can find treatment for their children and hope for the future. Your donation means it’s no longer a question of if, but when

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