The Congo

MiracleFeet’s partner in the Republic of the Congo is Association pour le Développement de la Réadaptation et du Bien Etre (ADRBE), or Physical Rehabilitation and Well-being Development Association. The association was founded by parents of children with physical disabilities in 2010 to promote and protect the rights of the disabled, support physical rehabilitation programs in Congo, and contribute to the socio-economic development of disabled communities. ADRBE operates by engaging the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs, and by networking with other organizations within the Federation Africaine des  Techniciens  Orthopédique  and Organisation des Centres pour Personnes Handicapées d’Afrique. The association opened its first clinic in Brazzaville in 2011, followed by the second clinic in Pointe-Noire in 2017.

MiracleFeet and ADRBE partnered to increase access to effective clubfoot treatment and address the challenges impeding proper clubfoot care including inadequate number of trained and skilled providers, high treatment costs that low-income families cannot afford, and lack of awareness about clubfoot and treatment options. MiracleFeet supports and helps build the capacity of local stakeholders by sending Congolese providers to regional trainings. The program now has a team of national trainers who can ensure future ACT trainings creating a sustainable training model in-country. Congo has also adopted CAST to collect data at the clinics, track patient appointments, and alert providers of follow-up communications with families.

MiracleFeet also supports early detection and referral systems, awareness raising campaigns, and parent education.


Maison de Santé et de Bien Etre, Brazzaville
Maison de Santé et de Bien Etre, Pointe-Noire
Centre de Rééducation Fonctionnelle, Dolisie
SRF d'Owando
Centre de Rééducation Fonctionnelle de Nkayi
CRF Hospital de Base Ouesso
Hospital de Base de Kinkala
Blanches Gomes Hospital in Brazzaville
Tietie Hospital at Pointe Noire