Access to Clubfoot Treatment Changes Modou’s Life

December 11, 2018

Modou is one of four boys in his family, but the only one born with clubfoot. Modou lived with bilateral clubfoot for the first three years of his life, until his family learned of a MiracleFeet-supported clinic opening near their home in Touba, Senegal.Modou on his mother's lap, before treatment

Modou’s maternal grandmother knew this was an important opportunity for her grandson to receive the simple but effective Ponseti treatment that could change his life. She brought Modou to the clinic for his first appointment and enrolled him in treatment.

Soon after the casting phase began, Modou’s mother was excited to notice the treatment working. Modou on his mother's lap before treatment“After a few weeks of plaster casts, I noticed the beginning of the correction in the feet of my child,” she said.

The clubfoot program, which began in early 2018 in partnership with German relief organization DAHW, aims to reduce the incidence of clubfoot disability throughout this West African country. Previously, treatment would have been inaccessible for Modou, and other children born with clubfoot near Touba. “The advent of the program is a source of hope for me and my child,” Modou’s mother explained.

Modou’s mother dreams of the day when her son can walk to school with his peers, and hopes that treatment will allow him to one day be independent and contribute to his community.

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