CAST: Data Management App

A unified, codified, cloud-based system for managing patient records and treatment quality

In ten years, MiracleFeet has developed the systems and partnerships to treat clubfoot in 28 countries, where over 73,000 new cases occur each year. We needed a streamlined data collection tool to support and track patient progress across our growing global network of clinics and providers who are increasing access to clubfoot critical treatment.

Our mobile data collection app, CAST, is transforming how we gather and use real-time data worldwide and amplifying our focus on treatment precision and program quality.

The Need & Challenges

MiracleFeet needed a tool to collect enough data to be useful, but not so much data that it would prevent partners or clinic staff from consistently using it. It also needed to be a globally relevant system—useable across multiple languages and country contexts.

One of the major challenges of using mobile technology in low-resource settings is that internet service is not always reliable. This can lead to difficulty syncing data, putting patient records at risk of being inadvertently deleted. However, paper records also consume a great deal of space, are more likely to contain errors, and can be easily destroyed in the event of natural disasters or extreme weather.

CAST is the best tool we’ve ever had. It motivates providers to do a better job.

Physical therapist in Tanzania

By partnering with Dimagi, MiracleFeet developed the CAST mobile application, an offline-capable and mobile-optimized solution that allows the organization to keep electronic medical records, improve clinic management, and monitor and evaluate the quality of treatment and patient outcomes around the world.

CAST syncs with Salesforce to render user-friendly dashboards with sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities. This system amplifies and enhances all stakeholders’ focus on treatment precision and quality, from program managers to country partners and clinicians. The data we collect through CAST allows us to track and better understand patient outcomes among different age groups and case types.

Nearly all MiracleFeet-supported clinics have adopted the application, with CAST now in use in 261 clinics across 28 countries, storing nearly 30,000 patient records that document full treatment progress and outcomes.

Every three minutes

a child is born with clubfoot. Only 1 in 4 will receive care.

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