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MiracleFeet’s funding and partnership in Togo will support community awareness and early detection and referral (EDR) activities along with supervision, mentoring, and training activities for healthcare providers in country. MiracleFeet is also supplying Ponseti treatment materials including plaster, cotton, and raw materials for brace manufacturing. Additionally, MiracleFeet supports Ponseti training for providers and offers communication and follow up support to families to reduce treatment dropout.


MiracleFeet partners with Programme des Incapacités Traumatisme et Réadaptation / Centre National D’appareillage Orthopedique et de Reeducation Fonctionnelle (PITR/CNAO).

PITR/CNAO has substantial support from both public and private institutions in Togo. This institution is currently leveraging connections with Togo’s Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene to utilize rehabilitation and care centers across the country to perform clubfoot treatment activities. PITR/CNAO is also an integral part of Togo’s “Early Management of Clubfoot” project, a health initiative funded by the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) of Togo through December 2024. With funding for their general administration costs secured, PITR/CNAO can focus more on clubfoot treatment activities. This support will provide most of the facilities and personnel needed to achieve MiracleFeet’s goal of reaching as many children with clubfoot as possible in Togo with life changing Ponseti treatment.


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