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No child should grow up with the consequences of a treatable birth defect.

MiracleFeet is on a mission to eliminate a leading cause of disability worldwide.

Over two million children under 10 live with the extreme consequences of a treatable birth defect, known as clubfoot, that causes one or both feet to turn inwards and upwards.

Left untreated, the condition is a root cause of illiteracy, abuse, malnutrition, and poverty in many parts of the world. 175,000 babies are born with it every year, mostly in low- and middle-income countries where fewer than 15% have access to appropriate treatment.

MiracleFeet is bringing the low-cost, nonsurgical standard of care, routinely provided in advanced health systems, to low-income countries. The solution is surprisingly inexpensive and results in full correction of the foot in four to six weeks.

95% of cases can be cured using the Ponseti Method, involving a series of plaster casts followed by a foot-abduction brace worn at night to prevent relapse. We increase access to this treatment through partnerships with local healthcare providers in 29 countries. With MiracleFeet’s support, the care is free or extremely low-cost for the families who receive it.

9.75 million people alive today were born with clubfoot. As many as 8 million never received treatment.

Children living with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries face incredible hurdles their entire lives. Because walking with clubfoot is difficult and painful, affected children are among the least likely to enjoy the benefits of education and healthcare. Along with stigma and discrimination, they are often left alone and hidden away because the family is ashamed. Children with disabilities like clubfoot are subject to higher risks of neglect, poverty, physical, and sexual abuse.

A $500 treatment provides lifelong mobility, independence, and opportunity.

Founded in 2010 by parents of children born with clubfoot in the US, MiracleFeet has helped change the lives of nearly 55,000 children in 29 countries. We are the largest global organization solely dedicated to ending this solvable problem for every child born with it, forever.

MiracleFeet, with local healthcare providers and governments, has shown that scaling this proven yet relatively new solution to a major public health challenge is possible. In 2019, our partners enrolled more children than ever in treatment—62% growth over the previous year—and supported over 24,000 actively in treatment at 320 clinics worldwide.

Few investments have this kind of impact on a child’s future.


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We partner with local health workers and organizations to bring the nonsurgical treatment to children who need it– today and for generations.


Clubfoot Treatment

Treatment involves a series of casts and a brace worn at night.

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Less than $500 transforms a child’s life.

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