World Clubfoot Day

Observed annually on June 3rd, World Clubfoot Day is an international day of celebration – for the children born with clubfoot whose lives have been transformed by treatment, for the parents whose steadfast hope and dedication have been rewarded, for the providers whose healing hands have guided thousands of little feet to mobility, and for all clubfoot champions whose support continues to bring treatment to children in need around the world.

June 3rd commemorates the birthday of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, who developed the Ponseti Method, which is now the orthopedic standard treatment for children born with clubfoot. Non-surgical, inexpensive, and incredibly effective, Dr. Ponseti’s method is the undeniable solution to clubfoot that has brought mobility, opportunity, and freedom to hundreds of thousands of children around the world and ultimately made it possible for MiracleFeet to treat a leading birth defect inexpensively and effectively on a global scale.

Today, we celebrate.

Each year, MiracleFeet joins the broader clubfoot community around the world to mark this special day with awareness-raising and advocacy events. It is a day to reflect on how far clubfoot treatment has come over the years, but more importantly, to re-commit ourselves to the work of ensuring a future where all children born with clubfoot have access to treatment.

This June 3rd, join us as we jump for joy, kick up our heels, and run even faster towards a world free of untreated clubfoot.

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Every three minutes

A child is born with clubfoot.

With treatment, 95% can walk, run, and move for life.

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