A mother copes with an unfamiliar diagnosis

October 17, 2017

The fear and desperation a parents must feel when their child is born with a birth defect is overwhelming. That concern and uncertainty is only amplified when the parent doesn’t understand what the birth defect is. Sadly, this is a common problem we face in middle- and low-resource countries. Armelia is a perfect example of how awareness can make all the difference.

Armelia is the first child and gave her parents quite a scare when she was born. Her little feet were twisted and her mother cried in confusion. She didn’t know it was a congenital deformity and something that was treatable. She truly believed it was a curse.

A kind neighbor had heard of clubfoot and treatment at a local hospital and informed Armelia’s mom at once. Luckily, the family only has to walk 15 minutes to her treatment at MSBE-Brazzaville in the Republic on Congo.

“Our daughter’s feet are looking good. We will be sure to follow the instructions by the providers, and especially regarding how to wear the braces. ”

As they continue on with Ponseti treatment, her parent’s dream of her straight feet and a childhood filled with laughter with friends.

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