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Tanzania is one of MiracleFeet’s largest country programs with the most clinics. Clubfoot providers in Tanzania were first trained in 2008 by leaders in the global movement in treating clubfoot with the Ponseti Method. Despite the training, providers found it difficult to obtain national coverage for clubfoot treatment largely due to lack of materials in public hospitals and the cost of treatment and associated transportation expenses. 


MiracleFeet began partnering with the Bugando Clubfoot Care Program (BCCP) in 2013 and Usa River Clubfoot Program in 2014. In 2015, these programs formed Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization (TCCO), a consortium of clubfoot providers and thought leaders from around the country.

Because the need is great and in an effort to ensure that all children in Tanzania born with clubfoot receive quality treatment, MiracleFeet began an additional partnership with Management and Development for Health (MDH) in 2023. MDH has extensive experience in managing health programs in Tanzania including experience in providing direct clinical services at the facility and community levels, contributing to policy and guideline development, and strengthening health systems in areas such as quality improvement, supply chain management, health information systems, global health security, and human resources for health. This aligns perfectly with our focus on health system strengthening and delivering quality treatment by bolstering the workforce.

MiracleFeet provides support to clinics in the Lake and Central zone, the Southern Highlands, Coast and Northern Zones. Support includes ensuring clinics have enough treatment supplies, providers receive appropriate training and supervision, and early detection and referral pathways are effective. All clinics provide early detection and referral trainings for staff in health centers, vaccination centers, nursing and midwifery schools, and maternity wards in their area. Additionally, TCCO works to raise community awareness through posters, brochures, and announcements on radio and television.

Tanzania is a big country with many remote areas that are difficult to access. Parents often must travel long distances on bad roads to find treatment for their children making it especially difficult to remain motivated. To improve adherence to treatment, MiracleFeet developed a training that the clinic staff provides to parents. The training includes mental and emotional support strategies as well as information about the importance of following the entire treatment process.

Lake and Central Zone Clinics

Bugando Medical Center
Bunda District Designated Hospital
Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital
Geita Regional Referral Hospital
St.Gaspar-Itigi Hospital
St.Joseph-Kagondo Hospital
Kahama Town Council Hospital
Nyakahanga Hospital
Sekou Toure Regional Referral Hospital
Sengerema Council Designated Hospital
Shinyanga Regional Referral Hospital
Shirati Hospital
Singida Regional Referral Hospital
Mlali Rehabilitation Center
Lake Victoria Disability Center (LVDC)
Kamanga Medics Hospital

Northern Zone Clinics

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC)
Usa River Rehabilitation Centre
Mbulu Hospital
Monduli Hospital
Plaster House
Y.D.P.C (Youth With Disabilities Community Program)
Same District Hospital
Manyara Regional Referral Hospital
Handeni District Hospital

Southern Zone Clinics

Chunya District Hospital
Makete Regional Referral Hospital
Inuka Rehabilitation Centre
Iringa Regional Referral Hospital
Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital
Katavi Regional Referral Hospital-Mpanda
St Joseph Regional Referral Hospital Peramiho
Ruvuma Regional Referral Hospital
Sumbawanga Regional Referral Hospital

Coastal Zone Clinics

Morogoro Regional Refferal Hospital
Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI)
Kilosa District Hospital