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The clubfoot program in Guinea-Bissau is run by the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) under the Health Service Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH). This initiative was previously supported by The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) since 2015 and was part of the Global Clubfoot Initiative (GCI) until December 2021. Similar to most low-resource countries, the ratio of health workers to the population is not proportionate putting a lot of stress on the health system.

Health financing depends principally on external aid, which accounts for more than 70% of the county’s budget. The government’s contribution is limited to a few things such as payment of salaries and other minor expenditures. Community funding is limited to out-of-pocket payment for treatment, which is inadequate to meet needs of the people. 

MiracleFeet partners with the Guinea-Bissau Ministry of Health to strengthen and expand this program to ensure that no child in the country lives with disability caused by neglected clubfoot. This program has basic human resources and an existing clubfoot treatment center with few trained personnel providing quality services. MiracleFeet is working to enhance these facilities and provide more training in addition to addressing other gaps. There are opportunities for growth and consolidation of the existing program with the increased demand and awareness creation. The involvement of government and integration of Clubfoot Treatment Program in the National Health System serve as an avenue for expansion to more districts with long-term plans of creating new partnerships with reference institutions and promotion of various research efforts to learn and enhance best practices and collaborations.


From 2015 the ICRC established a protocol MOU with ISAD Association of landmine Victims of Senegal, Casamance region to receive rehabilitation services. In 2015 the first Clubfoot treatment clinic with Ponseti method was established.

In April 2022, Miraclefeet stared a partnership with the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) under the Health Service Department of the ministry of health (MOH). This partnership will ensure that children born with clubfoot in Guinea Bissau have access to timely and quality treatment by providing organizational, technical, and financial support to NRC, in line with WHO’s building blocks as follows:


Centro de Reabilitação Motora: National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)
Regional Hospital of Gabu
Health Center of Sao Domingos