A Shining Future: Bright’s Clubfoot Story

February 05, 2019

Bright was born with bilateral clubfoot in Liberia, and neither of his parents knew anyone else with the condition. The little boy’s mother, unable to face the taunts of neighbors who blamed her for Bright’s clubfoot, abandoned the family. Bright’s father was left to care for the boy alone and to determine the best place to treat the condition.

First, he took Bright to a local hospital and learned that he would have to pay a large fee for treatment in addition to providing casting materials and braces! The situation began to seem hopeless until Bright’s father learned about the Liberia Clubfoot Program and their clinic, Faith Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center (FACORC), in Monrovia.Bright before treatment and after, wearing his school uniform

Bright enrolled in treatment and began casting. His father knew that treatment would change his son’s life. Bright would be able to go to school, play football, and walk without pain or disability. The dedicated pair faithfully attended their clinic appointments. With the support and encouragement of friends from their church community, Bright and his dad made the nearly two-hour journey to FACORC each week.

Now Bright is a happy four-year-old who attends school and can walk and run around with friends. Bright’s father no longer worries that his son will be lonely or excluded from neighborhood activities because of his clubfoot.

Bright proudly wears his school uniform each day, and his future is sure to match his name.

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