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In Indonesia, MiracleFeet works in partnership with Yakkum and Stepping Stones, an NGO based in Bali dedicated to helping low income children with physical impairments. The program is spearheaded by Marjanne Oomen, a Dutch physiotherapist and Ponseti provider based in Bali who also serves as the organization’s Executive Director. Together with a local orthopedic surgeon, Stepping Stones provides clubfoot treatment to families free of charge.

MiracleFeet and partners are working together to increase access to clubfoot treatment and ensure that the estimated 6,000 children born with clubfoot each year in Indonesia receive care. While larger urban areas and developed islands in Indonesia provide access to health care services and pharmacies, those living in rural areas have limited access to medical facilities and to treatment for conditions such as clubfoot. In addition to providing free treatment, the program trains providers in the Ponseti Method and conducts awareness-raising activities through community outreach and social media.

MiracleFeet program expansion to help more Indonesian children born with clubfoot is currently underway.


Stepping Stones Bali