From Fear to Hope in Senegal: Serigne’s Clubfoot Story

May 29, 2018

When Serigne was born with bilateral clubfoot in Senegal, his mother did not know where to turn. At the time of Serigne’s birth, there were no clinics treating clubfoot near the family’s village. As a single mother to three other children, Serigne’s mother felt fear after he was born. She wanted to help Serigne but needed to continue caring for the other children in the family.

Fortunately, MiracleFeet began a partnership with German relief organization DAHW last year. When a clinic opened in Touba, Serigne’s mother immediately asked for a referral so that her son’s feet could be treated. At eighteen months old, Serigne became one of the first patients enrolled for treatment at a MiracleFeet-sponsored clinic in Senegal.

Serigne’s mother and grandfather made the long journey to treatment with him, taking two taxis each way. Despite the distance from their village to the clinic and the fear the family experienced after Serigne was born, they feel reassured after each appointment when they see the progress Serigne is making because of the treatment. Serigne is now crawling and his mother hopes he will begin to walk soon.

MiracleFeet is excited to be working in Senegal, helping to build capacity for quality Ponseti treatment. To learn more about our work in Senegal, visit this page.