A Clubfoot Journey in Ecuador

December 28, 2017

As is common for many parents in low- and middle-income countries, Priscilla and Miguel were shocked and dismayed when their son, Angel, was born at Sigsig Hospital in Ecuador with what they called “crooked” feet. With no knowledge of clubfoot and little direction other than to go see a pediatrician, Angel’s parents had to rely on faith and the advice of others to find the best course of treatment for their son.

Fortunately, the pediatrician they chose recognized the condition as clubfoot and referred them to the Ponseti clinic at Cuenca Hospital for treatment. MiracleFeet is a major supporter of this clinic, which offers treatment solely using the gold-star Ponseti Method.

Thanks to the quick-moving staff, Angel started his casting at only seven days old. To Angel’s father, the Ponseti method seemed too simple to be true. Convinced this was not the best approach, he asked friends and family, sought out a second opinion. He was soon convinced that the method was safe, effective, and a responsible choice for Angel’s future.

After two months in casts, Angel’s straight feet are a welcome sight as he moves into the bracing stage. Priscilla and Miguel are very happy to see their son with a healthy life ahead of him. They continue to travel 90 minutes for his check-ups every month and feel extremely grateful to the doctors and clinic staff.