Run Free 2030

9.75 million people alive today were born with clubfoot. As many as 8 million never received treatment. We can change this for the youngest affected and future generations.

A Global Vision and Plan

We believe that every child born with clubfoot, no matter where they live, should have the opportunity to access effective treatment. A bold approach to achieving this goal has been developed by Global Clubfoot Initiative (GCI) – a consortium of organizations with proven expertise and experience in establishing national clubfoot programs in low- and middle-income countries. This plan builds on a proven capacity-building model, public-private partnerships, extensive data analysis, and use of technology to reduce cost and improve outcomes.

MiracleFeet is proud to support Run Free 2030: A Global Strategy to End Clubfoot Disability lead by GGI. This strategy aims to ensure all children born with clubfoot have timely access to high-quality treatment. RunFree2030 presents a road map to scale up access to to treatment through replication and expansion of a proven approach that ensures integration into national health systems across 103 countries where most of the world’s babies with clubfoot are born. Each national program is driven by comprehensive and quality-focused care and includes training providers, building awareness, improving clubfoot identification and referral processes, providing bracing, casting, and tenotomy supplies, and implementing strategies to improve adherence to treatment.

Now is the time to empower families and communities and invest in partnerships that bring us closer to our goal and ensure that all children can walk, play, and run free from the disability caused by clubfoot.