A Second Chance for Assane

May 15, 2018

Assane recently came to a MiracleFeet-supported clinic in Madagascar with her father and grandfather, who were desperate for help. Assane, now 4 ½ years old, was treated for clubfoot near her home shortly after her birth. However, the treatment did not follow the Ponseti method and, in the end, wasn’t completely successful. Assane experienced a relapse.

As her feet began turning inward again, she was met with stares and jeers from her classmates at school. The bullying got so bad that she started refusing to go to school.

So her family decided to make the journey to SAR Itaosy, a MiracleFeet-supported clinic, to see if the trained Ponseti providers there could help. Fortunately, there was hope for Assane. She was enrolled in treatment and her dedicated family made sure she came each week to the clinic – a five-hour trip by bus – for casting. Thanks to the second round of treatment Assane received, this time using the Ponseti method of clubfoot correction, she is standing flat on her own two feet today.

Her grandmother recently shared her dream for Assane through tears of joy – she simply wished that Assane will soon be able to put her ballerina shoes back on.

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