Ponseti Method

This medical innovation makes it possible to treat a leading birth defect and disability inexpensively and effectively on a global scale.

Until the past decade, most children born with clubfoot in low- and middle-income countries were not treated due to the complexity of surgery and limited access to safe services. (Surgery became the popular option in the 1950-70’s but caused considerable health issues later in life; the feet tend to become stiff, weak and painful, often resulting in the need for additional surgeries.)

When the non-surgical Ponseti Method (endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health) became the orthopedic standard for treating clubfoot in 2005, a global movement was born. This method provides full mobility in 95% of cases.

It requires a series of casts to gently manipulate the feet, a simple outpatient procedure to release the Achilles tendon, and afterwards, a brace worn while sleeping at night to prevent relapse (following an initial three-month period when it is used for 23 hours/day). The simplicity of this non-invasive treatment is ideal for low-resource settings.

The Ponseti Method

A series of casts stretch the feet, followed by a simple procedure to release the Achilles tendon.

Ideally, treatment should begin within a week after birth, when the tendons and ligaments are at their most elastic; correction occurs most easily at this point.

However, the Ponseti Method has been used very successfully on children up to the age of 6 and recent evidence shows that children as old as 16 can be treated effectively. Since 2018, MiracleFeet partners in 20 countries have treated more than 400 patients between the ages of 10-17—among more than 57,000 children treated since 2010.

Parents: If your child has clubfoot, please be reassured he or she is very likely to be successfully treated using the Ponseti Method. Minimal or no surgery should be necessary, except in the most complicated cases (less than 5%). We recommend speaking with a Ponseti-trained doctor as soon as possible to create a treatment plan specific to your child.

Treatment costs less than $500

A small price to transform a child’s life.

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