Rewriting a Family Clubfoot Story: Christeni’s Treatment

March 13, 2018

When five-month-old Christeni was born with bilateral clubfoot, his parents knew they had a chance to do things differently. Christeni is the youngest of four children born to farmers in a remote village in Madagascar. In addition, he is the third child in his family to be born with clubfoot. Christeni’s older brother and sister were also born with this common birth defect that impacts an estimated 1 in 800 children worldwide.

His older brother received treatment, but his sister, who is now eighteen, did not. Christeni’s parents see firsthand the difficulties that their daughter must endure and are filled with regret that they did not seek treatment for her. Christeni’s brother, now ten years old, was the first child in the family to receive treatment for his clubfoot, and the family wants the same for Christeni.

Although the journey to the clinic is long and difficult, Christeni and his family are dedicated to treatment. They travel on foot, by cart, and by bush taxi on the nearly daylong journey to the MiracleFeet-sponsored clinic in Majunga. Christeni’s parents wish for a bright future for their boy, where he will be educated and able to achieve his dreams.