Our Model

MiracleFeet provides organizational, technical, and financial support to clinics to increase access to treatment for children born with clubfoot in low- and middle-income countries.

The treatment costs, on average, less than $500 per child. We support local practitioners who are trained in the Ponseti method, a non-surgical treatment that involves a series of plaster casts. Following casting, a foot brace is worn at night for several years in order to prevent relapse. In 95% of cases, proper treatment results in full correction of the feet.

Using a bottom-up approach, MiracleFeet offers a continuous cycle of support for the treatment of children. As of August 2022, we have supported care for over 70,000 children in 30 countries.

Empower partners and providers

MiracleFeet provides the technical and financial resources needed to create and support high-quality clubfoot clinics in low-income countries. Support usually includes:

Expand access to services

MiracleFeet expands access to proper treatment. Strategies include:

Integrate treatment into public health systems

MiracleFeet integrates clubfoot programs in the local health system to promote lasting and sustainable change. We do this by:

We are mobilizing children for life

MiracleFeet is changing the status quo that has left millions behind. Your partnership strengthens our global movement to ensure every child has access to life-changing treatment now and for generations.

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