Finding Clubfoot Treatment in Rural India

December 18, 2018

It is 600km from Bhumika’s village in rural India to the clubfoot clinic in Mumbai, but that has not deterred her parents.

Determined that their daughter should have the best treatment possible, the family makes the long journey to their appointments at the clubfoot clinic, first on a bus to the nearest town and then on a train to Mumbai.close up photo of bhumika holding photo of herself with untreated clubfoot

Despite the distance and strain of travel, the family is beginning to feel at ease as they see Bhumika’s feet transformed. The child had received treatment elsewhere when she was younger, but after nine casts the family was not pleased with the outcome.

Fortunately, Bhumika’s parents discovered that MiracleFeet India offers treatment in Mumbai through a clinic at the renowned B.J. Wadia Hospital and they made the decision to seek treatment for Bhumika there.

The problem of untreated clubfoot is widespread in India, with an estimated 35,000 children born with clubfoot each year. Thanks to MiracleFeet India, Bhumika and her family have had a second chance to get her the quality Ponseti treatment all children born with clubfoot deserve.