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An estimated 44,000 people living in Morocco today were born with clubfoot, but very few have had access to proper treatment. Historically, access was dependent on a family’s socio-economic status and the availability of trained providers in public and private health facilities.

In 2020, MiracleFeet launched a partnership with Association Premier Pas (meaning First Step), the only Moroccan organization exclusively dedicated to treating clubfoot in the country. It is Miraclefeet’s first program in North Africa and in an Arabic-speaking country.

MiracleFeet supports two clinics in the region, one in Rabat and one in Casablanca. These two cities are the political and economic capitals of Morocco, respectively, where a high volume of patients from across the country come to seek treatment at the university hospitals.

To effectively and efficiently scale access to proper care, MiracleFeet and Association Premier Pas are collaborating with Morocco’s Ministry of Health to:

By utilizing quality training, data driven decision-making, and corrective bracing, MiracleFeet and partners are addressing the immediate needs of children born with clubfoot in Morocco and tailoring proven interventions to ensure quality care and treatment becomes more available throughout the country and greater region.


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Hopital d'Enfants, Rabat
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Casablanca
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Fes
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Oujda
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU), Marrakech