Yasri’s Clubfoot Journey in Tanzania

January 15, 2019

Six-month-old Yasri was born with bilateral clubfoot in Tanzania. After Yasri’s birth, his mother became determined to find help for her son, but was uncertain what that meant–whether anything could be done. She closed down the small business she owned in their village and began to spend her days searching for answers.

While seeking help at the government hospital, she learned about Usa River Rehabilitation Center (URRC). Hoping the doctors there could treat Yasri’s clubfoot, she began the seven-hour journey by bus to the clinic. When she arrived, she was relieved to learn the condition was treatable, and Yasri began casting.

With the help of a travel stipend to pay for bus fare, Yasri’s mother made the long trip to URRC each week, faithfully attending her son’s casting appointments. Now Yasri has completed casting and will begin the bracing phase of treatment.

The best part of all is that Yasri’s mother can now envision a happy future for their family. She was able to open her business again, and now she looks forward to the day when her son is grown and can pursue his own dreams for the future.

“Thanks to MiracleFeet, I see a big difference,” she says.