Before and After Clubfoot Treatment: Samsoni’s Success Story

February 27, 2018

We’re excited to share these images of Samsoni before and after clubfoot treatment. Samsoni was among the first patients treated at Usa River Rehabilitation Center (URRC), one of MiracleFeet’s clubfoot treatment partner clinics in Tanzania. He began treatment in 2015; two years later, Samsoni is faithfully wearing braces at night and living an active, healthy life. Because of his parents’ decision to seek treatment for his bilateral clubfoot, Samsoni will have access to opportunities he may not have been afforded otherwise. His parents dream that he will one day become a doctor and help other children in need of life-changing medical treatment.

Samsoni sits on his mom's lap

Accessibility in Tanzania

Thanks to the successful Ponseti treatment he received at URRC, Samsoni has a greater chance of receiving the education he needs to achieve his goals. According to a 2017 report from Human Rights Watch, children with disabilities in Tanzania are twice as likely never to attend school as those without. The most recent data, from 2013, found that only about 5,000 students with disabilities in Tanzania are enrolled in secondary schools.

For Samsoni, the ability to walk and run without pain or difficulty is the first step on his path to an exciting future.