Awareness Leads to Treatment in Liberia: Rita’s Story

April 10, 2018
Rita's mother supports her as she stands on a desk

When Rita was born with unilateral clubfoot in Woodcomb, Liberia, her mother (also named Rita) did not know what to do. She had never seen clubfoot before, and neither had her neighbors. They tried to help her figure out the cause, guessing that perhaps the mother had fallen during pregnancy, causing the child’s foot to turn inward and upward. Mom Rita felt sad and uncertain about the future for her daughter.

Fortunately, a friend from their church knew about FACORC, MiracleFeet’s partner clinic in the suburbs of Monrovia. When young Rita was three months old, she began receiving treatment. Mom Rita remained dedicated and brave. “The cast made me scared,” she said. “It was very strong and I was afraid it might hurt her.” Now young Rita is seven months old and has completed casting. She wears her MiracleFeet brace to help maintain the correction of the left foot.

Her mother is happy that treatment worked so well. Rita is crawling around and is a very easygoing child. It is likely she will not remember her treatment or being born with clubfoot. “She will be a good woman and a medical doctor,” her mom says confidently.