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MiracleFeet started working in Paraguay in 2016 and was the first organization to scale treatment in the country. Dr. Alberto Navarro, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in pediatrics, started treating patients using the Ponseti method after a hospital fire limited the availability of treatment. Today, several leading orthopedic surgeons are providing quality clubfoot treatment using the Ponseti Method in five clinics throughout Paraguay. Prior to MiracleFeet’s involvement, most clubfoot patients had to pay for their treatment supplies, including the braces, which was prohibitively expensive, especially for low-income family who have difficulty paying for transportation costs to and from clinic appointments.

MiracleFeet’s success in the region and future growth are made possible in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and our partner, Fundación Solidaridad. 


Hospital Regional de Encarnacion
Hospital Regional de Villarrica, Guaira
Hospital General Pediátrico Niños de Acosta Ñu, Central
Hospital Regional de Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná
Hospital Regional de Concepción, Concepción
Hospital Regional de Pilar
San Juan Nepomuceno
Hospital Villa Hayes