Update on Majaliwa from Tanzania

December 04, 2018

Almost a year and a half ago, we told you the remarkable story of Majaliwa, a little boy born with clubfoot in Tanzania. Majaliwa’s father had given his wife a heartbreaking ultimatum: either kill the child or else he would leave the family to fend for themselves.

Majaliwa’s mother chose her son and went into hiding, trying to protect her child from his father’s determination to find and kill the boy. Eventually, the local police intervened and Majaliwa’s father left the village. It was then that Majaliwa was able to find treatment at a MiracleFeet-supported clinic in Uvinza. Majaliwa standing without shoes on in the clinic

Majaliwa’s case of bilateral clubfoot was particularly complex, requiring more casts than usual as well as the standard tenotomy and bracing. His mother remains dedicated to the follow-up care needed to maintain the correction in Majaliwa’s feet. In fact, thanks to her diligence in bringing him the 300km via a 16-hour bus ride to his clinic appointments, staff were able to detect a slight relapse in Majaliwa’s left foot. Majaliwa is still able to run, walk, and play football with his friends, and the clinic staff will be able to address the relapse promptly.

Most importantly, Majaliwa is now in school and enjoying the friendships he has formed and the community integration his education allows. Majaliwa’s father has even expressed remorse for his previous behavior. Majaliwa’s mom shares a dream that so many mothers we meet in clinics have for their children: she wants her son to grow up and become a doctor so he can help other kids with clubfoot.