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Although Mexico is a middle-income country and is home to many medical professionals who know how to diagnose and treat clubfoot, barriers to treatment remain for children throughout the country including travel restrictions and poor parent support. Most Ponseti treatment clinics are located within the capital, and children living with clubfoot in more rural areas are unable to access treatment. Additionally, poor data capturing, lack of quality assurance management,  and lack of communication between patient and providers has prevented national and cohesive treatment efforts and led to a significant increase in dropout rates.

MiracleFeet is excited to work with Dr. Enrique Rosales who will serve as a medical advisor for our partner in the country and oversee Ponseti training efforts. As the program gets underway, MiracleFeet and Asociación Pro Personas Con Parálisis Cerebral (APAC) have had productive discussions with the Secretary of Health of Mexico City who has expressed his commitment to make treating clubfoot a healthcare priority in 2023. The Secretary has encouraged the use of online and print media for distribution around the community to raise awareness of clubfoot treatment and MiracleFeet’s work.

After forming a partnership with MiracleFeet in December 2022, APAC begun planning early detection and referral (EDR) workshops at its clinic in Mexico City and an ACT training has been scheduled for February 2023.


Asociación Pro Personas Con Parálisis Cerebral (APAC) is a highly regarded organization that funds most of its programs through internal efforts. Founded in 1970, APAC’s mission is to increase access to quality health, education, labor-training services, and social inclusion for those suffering with cerebral paralysis and other deformities. It receives extensive support from well-known organizations such as Walmart and the UPS foundation, which supply APAC with funds needed to carry out its goals. APAC also runs a bakery from within its main facility, and the proceeds are utilized entirely for funding the organization’s goals.


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