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MiracleFeet is supporting clinics in Senegal in partnership with DAHW, an international German relief organization established in 1957 to provide sustainable assistance to the sick and marginalized in developing countries. Active in Senegal for over 35 years, DAHW’s vision is a world in which no one suffers from poverty-related diseases. With a clear understanding of the devastating consequences of untreated clubfoot, DAWH Senegal, located in Dakar, is committed to increase access to treatment for this leading cause of physical disability.

Senegal has a well-established rehabilitation infrastructure, yet children born with clubfoot still struggle with access to treatment in many of Senegal’s 14 regions due to an insufficient number of providers properly trained in the Ponseti Method, high costs of treatment, and lack of community outreach and parent education. Since children with clubfoot are often hidden at home and isolated from the community, outreach and education is difficult. The Senegal program works with local health teams and community health workers to raise awareness and encourage parents to pursue treatment for their children.

MiracleFeet worked in partnership with DAHW Senegal and Mercy Ships to provide capacity building to providers at Albert Royer hospital in Dakar and clinic partners in Thies and Touba. Additionally, providers are now using CAST, a mobile app that helps improve treatment quality and outcomes.  

Before MiracleFeet began working in Senegal, access to clubfoot treatment existed but providers did not use the Ponsenti method. Additionally, treatment was not cohesive and there was little to no follow-up causing many patients to drop out or relapse. Now the treatment process is streamlined, providers receive Ponseti training and regular supportive supervision, and MiracleFeet braces are available on-site rather than at a separate facility. 


Hopital Ahmadou Sakhir NDiguene de Thies
Centre Hospitalier National d’Enfants Albert Royer, Dakar