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Where can I donate used braces, boots, and other orthotics? +

We are no longer accepting donated boots and bars. This is primarily because we are now able to produce the low-cost MiracleFeet brace at scale which we can ship directly from our manufacturer to clinics. This ensures that all families receive the same brace and the process is easier for our supported clinics to manage.

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past! It was immensely helpful but we are also excited that we are now able to provide new, low-cost braces designed specifically to withstand the kinds of conditions found in low income countries.

Where can I donate my used boots and bars? +

There are several good options for donating used boots and bars that will help families internationally or in the United States:

Clubfoot Boot Exchange USA (helps families in the US)

MD Orthopaedics (helps families internationally)

Speak with your clubfoot care provider about donating your boots and bars to another family in need in your community.

Can I purchase boots and bars for a patient MiracleFeet is supporting? +

Yes! $20 provides a MiracleFeet brace for a patient. You can donate here to help transform a child’s life.

Why doesn’t MiracleFeet work with children in the United States and other high-income countries? +

We understand and acknowledge there are needs in every country and in every population – needs like increasing use of the Ponseti Method, reducing unnecessary and risky surgeries, and working to fight the stigma that surrounds disability, to name just a few. MiracleFeet’s chosen area of focus is low- and middle-income countries where clubfoot treatment isn’t available or accessible to the affected population. In these countries, untreated clubfoot is a root cause of lifelong poverty, illiteracy, and abuse. MiracleFeet exists to change that and we are equipping these countries to build programs to treat clubfoot in a number of ways, including training providers in the Ponseti Method, working with governments, providing supplies, conducting awareness campaigns, and expanding the number of clinics. For more information about clubfoot groups focused on the United States, see our Resources page.

Can I purchase the MiracleFeet brace directly from your organization? +

At this time, MiracleFeet focuses exclusively on bringing clubfoot treatment to low- and middle-income countries where access to proper treatment is difficult. The MiracleFeet brace was developed to fulfill an urgent need for a low-cost bracing solution in select countries and is not currently unable for purchase in the US.

Can I perform volunteer work in one of your supported clinics? +

MiracleFeet does not currently provide volunteer opportunities in our supported clinics. This is due to several factors, including the unique regulations at each hospital/facility and the lack of administrative capacity in the clinics to organize/supervise volunteers.

We can occasionally accept volunteer work in support of our US-based staff. If you would like to offer your time, please email us and we will contact you if we see an opportunity to utilize your skills. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to help!

Whom should I contact for interview requests or media opportunities? +

Please contact our Associate Director of Communications and Marketing, Nola Paterni at

How can I sponsor treatment for a specific child or donate to a specific country? +

MiracleFeet does not funnel donations to a specific child or family, but donations for a specific country program can be earmarked on a case-by-case basis, dependent on multiple factors. To learn more, please contact our Donor Engagement Manager, Megan Dale at 

I am creating a product (i.e. bracelets, nail art, etc.) and would like to donate some of the proceeds to MiracleFeet. How and where can I set up a fundraiser? +

We appreciate support in any form! You can create your own fundraising campaign via CrowdRise, or send us a lump sum donation by check.

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