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There are approximately 15,000 people living with untreated clubfoot in Madagascar, and an estimated 1,100 children are born with the condition each year. Prior to MiracleFeet’s involvement the cost of treatment materials was a major barrier to long-term sustainability as it made treatment inaccessible to many families. In 2015, Mercy Ships introduced the Ponseti Method of clubfoot treatment at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Toamasina (CHUT). In 2016, MiracleFeet began supporting the clubfoot clinic Mercy Ships helped establish and started a national program in collaboration with former partner, Axian, along with the Ministry of Health.

Our new lead partner, Association of Physical Rehabilitation Doctors, Madagascar (AMPR MADA), works closely with the Ministry of Health to promote physical rehabilitation aiming to improve the functional abilities and quality of life of people with disabilities. With a strong focus on community engagement, AMPR MADA aligns with MiracleFeet’s focus on ensuring that no child lives with a disability caused by untreated clubfoot.

The involvement of the Ministry of Health helps ensure the sustainability and local ownership of the program. MiracleFeet is the first organization to scale treatment in the country and has increased the number of treatment facilities from one in 2016 to seven across the region. Accordingly, the number of patients has more than tripled in the last four years. The government designates space for clubfoot treatment at all the public clinics and all providers at these clinics are government employees.

Outreach strategies are developed and implemented with local teams of community health workers and providers to educate parents about clubfoot and treatment availability. Outreach is done through community-based campaigns as well as radio and television announcements. Children in Madagascar start treatment early thanks to an effective early detection and referral pathway between communities, maternity wards, and clinics. 


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