Finding Clubfoot Treatment in Ecuador: Dylan’s Story

July 10, 2018

When three-year-old Dylan was born with clubfoot in Ecuador, his mother immediately began crying. The joy she initially felt upon giving birth to her third son changed to fear as she imagined little Dylan unable to walk or run.

Fortunately for Dylan and his family, the doctors at the hospital recognized the condition as clubfoot and reassured Dylan’s parents that the child could be treated. Dylan was referred to the MiracleFeet-supported clinic in Cuenca, about an hour and a half away from the family’s home. At only five days old, he began treatment.

Part of MiracleFeet’s work in Ecuador with partner Fundación Hermano Miguel aims to raise awareness of clubfoot so that children like Dylan will have access to high-quality Ponseti treatment. For Dylan, the process of early detection and referral worked exactly as it should: healthcare providers recognized his clubfoot, knew it was treatable, and were able to direct his family to their nearest clinic.

Three years later, Dylan is walking without pain or difficulty and wears his braces at night. His mother brings him to the clinic periodically for check-ups, and is so happy to see her son thriving and playing with his brothers.