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In Guatemala, there are an estimated 8,000 children and adolescents living with the painful consequences of untreated clubfoot. In 2017, MiracleFeet started working with local partner ADISA to train more providers in the Ponseti Method and to support several clubfoot clinics. MiracleFeet also partners with Fundal, a local non-profit with a rights-based approach for babies and children with disabilities.

The MiracleFeet-supported clinics in Guatemala have treated hundreds of children and helped them receive the care they need to walk and run for life.


Asociación de Padres y Amigos de Personas con Discapacidad de Santiago Atitlán (ADISA)



Pie equino varo: Qué es esa condición congénita y por qué es de las más comunes 


Hospital Nacional Jorge Vides Molina in Huehuetenango
Hospital in Jutiapa
Hospital in San Marcos
Hospital Regional de Occidente San Juan de Dios in Quetzaltenango
Hospital Nacional Juan de Dios Rodas Sololá
Hospital Nacional Modular de Chiquimula
Hospital de Poptun de Peten
Fundal Guatemala City