As of 2022, MiracleFeet is no longer serving Bolivia. During our time there, we were able to help over 250 children through our 7 clinics.

Since 2018, MiracleFeet has worked with partner Ayninakuna, a Bolivian NGO focused on serving people with disabilities. Ayninakuna uses a community-based rehabilitation approach and has vast experience working with disability programs. Their experience and expertise has been key to reaching high-need populations in remote areas throughout the country.  

In Bolivia, the majority of Ponseti-trained clubfoot care providers work in the private sector and in the biggest cities. In order to increase access to treatment, MiracleFeet helps provide training in the Ponseti Method for healthcare workers in the public health system.

MiracleFeet first began its work in Bolivia in 2016, partnering with Humanity & Inclusion.


Hospital del Niño, Sucre
Hospital Daniel Baramonte, Potosi
Hospital Materno Infantil, Beni
Hospital Dr. Roberto Galindo Teran, Cobija
Hospital San Juan de Dios, Oruro