Meet Rebeca, CAST Administrator for Latin America

December 10, 2018

Meet Rebeca Lopez, a dedicated member of the MiracleFeet team since 2012.

For the past six years, she has been the coordinator of programs in Nicaragua. With her deep organizational knowledge, business and marketing backgrounds, and love of working with people, Rebeca knew she would enjoy her newest role with MiracleFeet: CAST Administrator for Latin America.

After pilots in Madagascar, India, and Republic of Congo in 2017, the final version of the app was released in Liberia in March of 2018. Since then, CAST has been introduced in clinics throughout East and Francophone Africa, as well as India.

In October, the process of training clinicians in Latin America began, and Rebeca stepped into her new role. The app was immediately popular with the team in Nicaragua, helping them to locate needed information more easily. Rebeca calls CAST “incredible” because “it saves us time and is more practical.” Providers find it easy to use because it works seamlessly with mobile devices and communication with parents has been easier, too.

Rebeca’s favorite part of the job is providing training. “I like to see the joy with which people learn to use the new app and how easy it is to execute what they have learned,” she says.

Her motivation, however, goes much deeper. “When a parent smiles when he sees his son with his feet corrected, it is my greatest satisfaction and he encourages me to continue helping more children who need it.”

Learn more about the Impact Challenge Grant that made CAST possible.