Mother Honors Son with Birthday Fundraiser

April 04, 2017

For one clubfoot mom, her son’s birthday party wasn’t just filled with cake and celebration. Etzel Doss, who has a one-year old son with clubfoot, decided to make her son’s recent birthday party a fundraiser for MiracleFeet.

Prior to her son Roman’s diagnosis, Doss said that she and her family knew nothing about this condition because they had never been exposed to it previously. That all changed when she discovered that her little one had it.

“We immediately started researching and learned so much and began to prepare for our new journey that God put us on,” Doss said in an interview with MiracleFeet.

Shortly after starting to research what resources were available to families impacted by clubfoot, Doss discovered MiracleFeet through a range of blogs and posts and knew that she wanted to get involved.

“I immediately fell in love with what you [MiracleFeet] were doing for children who aren’t as fortunate as our Roman,” she said. “It’s so nice to see the little ones who normally wouldn’t get such access to proper care to actually be able to walk. It’s amazing.”

Once Doss started getting involved with MiracleFeet, she thought that Roman’s upcoming birthday would be a great opportunity to raise money for the organization. Being a military family, the Doss’ said that about 98% of their regular expenses are already covered. As such, they wanted to do something for families with lower incomes who were struggling.

“I couldn’t imagine not being able to even help my child walk and live a healthy life,” Doss said. “My son is fortunate to not need much for his birthday so I decided to give back to those who truly need this precious gift that MiracleFeet provides. It was a no brainer especially after the emotional roller coaster we have been through. It was our way to celebrate.”

The Doss family’s birthday fundraiser turned out to be a huge success, as they were able to raise $770 for MiracleFeet. Even their four year-old son was eager to help, donating money from his piggy bank. Doss encourages anyone who’s interested in fundraising to just do it.

“You will be so surprised on how much good you can do in honor of your child,” she said. “They may not know what you do now but one day they will.”

Join Etzel in supporting other clubfoot families around the world! We can help make your fundraiser easy and rewarding.