A New Year and New Outlook in Madagascar

December 29, 2016

We had many inspiring and rewarding stories to share in 2016 and this family’s journey in Madagascar is one to celebrate! Jyane was the only one born with clubfoot in his family, but he was far from alone in his treatment. Though very busy after the birth of Jyane and his twin brother, his mother, father, and grandmother all took supportive roles in Jyane’s treatment. Although, they weren’t exactly sure how to find treatment for him.

Clubfoot Madagascar

His mother attempted to treat her son with massages, but didn’t improve is condition and proved that Jyane needed specific treatment from professionals. Refusing to lose hope, Jyane’s family continued looking for other treatment options, and they finally found one after his father heard an announcement on the radio.

The clinic was 125km away from their home in Vavatenia, Madagascar, but despite the distance, Jyane’s family still supported him. His grandmother traveled five hours by bus to visit the clinic and take him to his screening, and then his mother took the next trip to bring Jyane in for his first treatment. During different meetings with the treatment team, some at the clinic and some in Vavatenia, Jyane’s family learned that his clubfoot could be treated, and their worry and fear finally grew into hope and joy.

Now, Jyane is two years old and undergoing casting. Like many little boys, he loves to play with cars, and his mother has big dreams for him. When she found out that he could be treated, especially after living in uncertainty for so long, she began to hope for a bright and successful future for Jyane. Her experiences with the clinic and doctors there, and the life-changing effect that they will have on her son, helped her dream of a specific and selfless future for Jyane. She hopes that he will become a doctor one day, so that he too can have life-changing effects on others.

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