A Team Helps Tobias

April 27, 2016

Picture this… a little boy with clubfoot making his way through dirt and trash in the landfill he calls home in Paraguay. Most people wouldn’t use the word luck to describe his situation, but his luck was about to change.

Late last year, Lana Mayes, a clubfoot mum in Sydney, Australia, was watching a news program about an unrelated story and spotted a brief image of this little boy with clubfoot. She knew she had to help. Lana reached out to MiracleFeet to explore whether we could help this little boy. But first, he had to be found.

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That’s when everything changed. Through technology and fateful timing Tobias was located. In another stroke of luck, MiracleFeet had just begun supporting Ponseti treatment in Paraguay and Tobias became one of our first patients. Tobias’ story was so special that Sydney 7′s Sunday Night went back to Paraguay to film his story.

It’s one you have to see to believe. Watch here.

Want to hear how Tobias is doing now? Read our update.