A Clubfoot Update: A Team Helps Tobias

October 14, 2016

This past April, Sydney 7 in Australia aired an incredible story of connection and hope for a little boy with clubfoot in Paraguay. Late last year, Lana Mayes, a clubfoot mum in Sydney, Australia, was watching a news program about an unrelated story and spotted a brief image of this little boy with clubfoot. Touched by the images of the little boy and motivated by her own experiences, Lana set up a fundraising campaign with the goal of getting Tobias through treatment and even helping other children.

MiracleFeet was honored to be a part of this inspirational story and it was no surprise that others responded with their own generosity. Lana has raised approximately $13,000 USD to help Tobias and other children like him. As a result of these donations, MiracleFeet has grown the number of patients receiving treatment in three clinics in Banepa, Itahari, and Nepalgunj, Nepal.

With the continued support of our generous donors, our goal is to see at least 300 children treated in those clinics from now through June 2017.

“Tobias is doing very well,” says Marie France Roux, Clinic Coordinator in Paraguay. He has completed his castings, and now wears his brace every night. He has grown so much since his first brace application, and his feet are looking great! We really enjoy hearing about how clubfoot treatment not only helps the patient, but the family as well, so we are pleased to report that Tobias’ parents now have a small business selling ice cream and sodas from their home. This gives his mother the time she needs to care for Tobias and his little brother.

This story continues to reach more people as Sunday TVNZ, a national news broadcast in New Zealand, plans to air Tobias’ tale this weekend. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity shown by Lana and others in her community, as well as the media raising awareness of clubfoot. We won’t walk away until every child has the opportunity to live a healthy and active life!

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