World’s Top Business School Tackles Clubfoot

March 25, 2021

Over 600 of the world’s brightest minds at INSEAD (the Financial Times’ #1-ranked graduate business school) designed strategies for MiracleFeet to scale accessible treatment for a leading cause of disability in low- and middle-income countries as the focus of the 10th Master Strategy Day.

Competing in France and Singapore, over 100 small student teams embraced the challenges of MiracleFeet’s mission and model to create a strategy for expanding treatment for clubfoot in middle-income countries.

A collision of teaching, innovation, and social good, the competition challenges MBA students to design strategic solutions (in just 36 hours!) that help an organization achieve meaningful business and social impact goals. Global consulting firm Bain & Company also provided consultants to mentor each team.

“One of the most competently run NGOs that I have ever encountered.”

Ithai Stern, INSEAD

At the end teams presented their strategies to an esteemed panel of judges, including MiracleFeet CEO Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld and board member Åro Tilde Eide, with one team taking top honors for their work. Åro Eide and her husband, Georg Madersbacher, both INSEAD alumni and long-time donors to MiracleFeet, helped create this collaboration by introducing the two organizations.

“We had a blast. It was a fantastically energizing and motivating 24 hours, and we came away with a whole slate of new ideas that have the potential to change the lives of thousands of children over the next five years,” said Colloredo-Mansfeld.

This year was also the first time that INSEAD used virtual reality (VR) to help students experience the many aspects of an organization’s work in rich detail. Through the power of VR they visited MiracleFeet’s partner in Arusha, Tanzania to see clubfoot treatment hands-on, as well as a family’s journey through care.

INSEAD Associate Professor of Strategy Ithai Stern remarked that “MiracleFeet is one of the most competently run NGOs that I have ever encountered. We have worked with many NGOs before and found [MiracleFeet’s] professionalism, dedication, and collegiality very impressive.”

“MiracleFeet was very fortunate and honored to be part of this flagship event. We learned so much, not just from the students’ extraordinarily creative and insightful presentations, but from the process of working with INSEAD faculty to create a challenge that allowed students to apply their business skills to a real-world social problem,” said Colloredo-Mansfeld.

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