Treating Clubfoot: The Power of Social Media

March 18, 2016

Connecting families through social media.

Building awareness of the treatment we help to support at clinics around the world is a huge part of our daily goals at MiracleFeet. We want all clubfoot families to know they have a nonsurgical, affordable option for their little ones. One of the ways we spread the word is through social media. We connect with moms, grandfathers, aunts and friends who are seeking treatment. Recently, we celebrated a huge success with an aunt who reached out to us on Facebook from the Philippines.

Making the connection.

The first direct message we received was heartbreaking, “[His name] is John Edrick who has this rare condition, my nephew is clubfooted and his mom passed away when he is 11 days.”

She continued to explain that the family was told John Edrick would need surgery and special shoes, which were very costly. They were desperate for a better solution and we were thrilled to help. Within a couple hours of receiving her Facebook messages, we connected her to our Program Manager,
Ryan Calauor, in the Philippines and an appointment at the clinic was made. The follow-up message we received a one week later made our day—no, our month!

“Hi MiracleFeet, good day! Thank you so much my nephew is in his first casting today. Thank you for all your team.”

We look forward to following this clubfoot cutie’s progress. You can help us reach other families like this one by following us and sharing our content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for helping us to raise awareness of MiracleFeet-support clinics!