Training: The Key to Quality Care

October 06, 2015

Prepping Providers in the Philippines

Training providers is a critical part of the effort to end untreated clubfoot. In the Philippines, a national Ponseti workshop was held at Saint Luke’s Medical Center in Manila in September. Sixty orthopedic doctors from around the country are now equipped to perform the Ponseti Method treatment as a result of the workshop. Since 2014, MiracleFeet has supported the treatment of 430 Filipino children in 8 hospitals. Workshops like these will help us reach even more children.

Thanks so much to our collaborators, Saint Luke’s Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and Philippine Band of Mercy. Faculty included Drs. Julyn Aguilar and Espiridion Reyes, and international trainers, Drs. Robert Cady, Paul Wade, Matthew Dobbs, and Sharaf Ibrahim.

Ryan Calauor, Program Manager for Asia, provided photos of the training: