Prototype for MiracleFeet Brace Sensor Wins Acclaimed Red Dot Design Award

July 16, 2021

Team Consulting, a medical device consulting firm, recently designed a brace sensor prototype to help MiracleFeet track brace usage—a major factor in long-term outcomes for clubfoot patients. Team Consulting submitted the sensor in the prestigious Red Dot Design Concept Award – and won!

The annual Red Dot Award is the largest professional design concept competition in the world, open to all design studios, companies, universities, research laboratories, inventors, design students and design professionals globally. Founded over 60 years ago, the award recognizes the need to identify and celebrate outstanding new design concepts and innovations. Entries are evaluated by an international jury of experts from diverse fields and are assessed on six criteria including functionality, degree of innovation, and impact. The award serves as a recognized benchmark for creativity and design excellence in the industry.

The sensor designed by Team Consulting is a low-cost, low-power onboard sensor, with connectivity via Bluetooth to a simple app, that fits discreetly into MiracleFeet’s signature purple foot abduction brace. The connected sensor also pairs with a mobile app designed to work with MiracleFeet’s existing cloud base, adding support for clinics without the need for a complex new system.

There are three stages of clubfoot treatment, but the stage most likely to determine long-term success is bracing. A key part of the Ponseti Method, children wear an abduction brace, consisting of shoes and a bar, to maintain the feet in the proper position as they grow. The brace is worn for 23 hours a day for the first three months, and then while sleeping for up to five years. Bracing is the only statistically significant factor in relapse, so this phase of the treatment is extremely important.

Team’s inexpensive, integrated solution provides an effective way to monitor and regulate how the vital foot braces are worn. The embedded sensor has the potential to allow remote monitoring of brace use and support effective intervention by clinicians and caregivers. By being able to monitor and visualize usage, providers and parents can better support proper practice. Data from the sensors means providers no longer must rely on self-reporting and anecdotal feedback to help improve brace compliance.

The Red Dot Award is a recognized international seal for excellence in design innovation and is a reflection of real sustainable design innovation capability of an organization. Many thanks to Team Consulting for their incredible work on this brace innovation that has the potential to positively impact countless children around the world in the coming years.

The MiracleFeet Brace is patented, FDA-registered and a recipient of numerous awards.