Ponseti Training in Senegal

March 15, 2018

Last month, ten healthcare providers in Senegal gathered for three days to be trained in the Ponseti Method, a non-invasive method of treating clubfoot that is considered the gold standard worldwide.


Providers were trained in important components of the Ponseti Method, including assessing a patient’s Pirani score, how to tell when a tenotomy is necessary, and how to apply the plaster casts that correct the foot. Those in attendance were able to gain experience in proper casting methods by working with rubber foot models that were designed specifically for Ponseti training. By the end of the training, five children had already enrolled in treatment!

Historically, children born with clubfoot in Senegal have had limited access to treatment. There were few providers trained in the Ponseti Method and little community outreach to raise awareness about clubfoot treatment. Furthermore, when treatment was available, it was very expensive.

Now, along with our partners at DAHW – an international German relief organization with a long-standing history of successful work in Senegal – children born with clubfoot in Senegal will be able to receive high-quality treatment.