MiracleFeet Begins Sponsoring Clinics in Bangladesh

June 28, 2018

A New Partnership

In April, MiracleFeet began a partnership with Walk for Life Bangladesh. Walk for Life has worked in clubfoot treatment in Bangladesh since 2009, building a strong partnership with the government and operating 33 clinics in hospitals throughout the country.

group of adults and children hold banners on world clubfoot day. they're standing outside with a large white building in the background.

In addition to providing resources to help children receive treatment, one important area MiracleFeet will focus on is improving the dropout rate. As of 2017, 96% of children enrolled in treatment through Walk for Life were less than one year old. This is thanks to a strong early detection and referral program, however, many children drop out of treatment during the bracing phase. MiracleFeet will help improve the system to track these patients, among other strategies aimed at reducing this rate.

Obstacles to Healthcare in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made tremendous progress in improving child and maternal health, reducing the maternal mortality rate by one-third in the last three decades. Despite this progress, there is still a great deal of inequality in the health care system, as 70% of Bangladeshi citizens live in rural areas where access to medical treatment is very difficult.

Approximately 3,900 children are born with clubfoot each year in Bangladesh. MiracleFeet is excited to partner with Walk for Life to work for a Bangladesh free from clubfoot disability.

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