Nicaragua Clinic Weathers Volcanic Eruption

December 16, 2015

Clinic and Staff are Safe

On December 2nd, Momotombo volcano erupted for the first time in one hundred years. The eruption closed roads temporarily near the HEODRA clubfoot clinic, which is located in a teaching hospital in Leon, Nicaragua. HEODRA has treated 68 children since it launched in 2012. The clinic and staff are all safe. However, blocked roads prohibited many patients and staff, including Project Coordinator Rebeca Lopez, from reaching the site.

It’s essential to keep HEODRA’s staff and clinic up and running as the clinic plays a critical role in helping Nicaragua’s clubfoot patients receive effective clubfoot treatment. Families of children who have spent time at the clinic for treatment receive education and support through the entire process, which can include regular visits to the clinic for casting, tenotomies, and brace check-ups. All of these elements work hand in hand to help ensure that the children’s feet stay healthy and avoid relapse. With the support of our donors and committed clinic staff, we’ll continue to help the children of Nicaragua reach safe and effective clubfoot care.