Emotional Clubfoot Visit in Mumbai

January 16, 2017

Being a new parents is overwhelming enough, but Shahid and his wife, Shabana, were told that they were cursed after their first child was born with unilateral clubfoot. Instead of rejoicing in the birth of their daughter, Shabrien, the family lived in uncertainty, sadness, and even fear. They didn’t know what kind of a future Shabrien could have after already being labled by the other villagers as a curse, but they still refused to give up hope.

Shahid works as a tailor in Mumbai near the Wadia Hospital. He makes small, daily wages, but he knew that he had to do anything possible to get treatment for his daughter. One day, he brought Shabrien to the Wadia Hospital to explore treatment options, and when he discovered that clubfoot could be remedied, he continued bringing her in for regular treatments.

After Shabrien underwent casting, Dr. Penny, an orthopedic surgeon and member of the MiracleFeet Advisory Board, visited the family in their home in Uttar Pradesh. He examined her feet himself and found that she had gotten great care from the Wadia Hospital.

He encouraged Shahid and Shabana to schedule regular follow-ups and then commended the parents for their decision to seek treatment for Shabrien, as well as the care and support that they provided her with at home. Shahid and Shabana, who were once told that their new family was cursed, were overwhelmed with the results and the praise from Dr. Penny. After seeing their reaction and how much his visit had impacted the family, Dr. Penny became moved himself. He bent back down to study Shabrien’s feet once more, looked up at the parents and simply, but emotionally, said, “These are very good feet.”

Hearing that type of praise from a doctor about their own daughter made Shahid and Shabana emotional beyond words. They now know that they were never cursed and are finally able to celebrate being a happy, healthy family.