How far would you travel for clubfoot treatment?

October 13, 2017

Travel with us to Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of Congo, to meet Mercy, a four-month old baby boy. His parents travel 621 miles by bus for his clubfoot treatment. That wasn’t a typo – 621 miles! They heard of the MSBE-Brazzaville, a MiracleFeet-supported clinic, from a broadcast on a national radio station where ADRBE (our in-country partner) was talking about clubfoot and the efficiency of the Ponseti method used to treat clubfoot.

“There is a significant and visible correction of the position of our son’s feet compared to prior the treatment, so we’ll make sure to have him wear the braces as instructed.”

Now that Mercy’s parents have found effective treatment, they hope he will grow up to play soccer with his friends and attend school without any stigma. They dream of him being fully included within their community.

“Thank you to MiracleFeet for your support; thank you to MSBE clinic staff; we will be the spokesperson of this program in our community back in Ouesso.”

It is so important that we continue to support Ponseti providers around the word, but it is equally important that we support their efforts to increase awareness of the free treatment we offer. Mercy may have never been enrolled in treatment without that radio broadcast.

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