Philippou Family Runs Marathon for Clubfoot

March 11, 2016

Meet the Philippou Family.

Each month, we feature new donors and supporters who are doing amazing things. Some people run marathons, conquer walk-a-thons, host birthday
parties or designing products for creative fundraisers. This month we meet the Philippou family: Costas (father), Tiffany (mother) and baby Nikos.

“When baby Nikos was born with his perfect clubfeet, it inspired [my wife and me] to try and do something that we have never done—run a marathon!” Joined by Nikos’ aunts, Kallie and Jackie, the Nikos Achilles Warriors decided to fundraise for children who have limited access to proper clubfoot treatment. When looking for a United States-based organization that supported Ponseti treatments for low-resource communities, Costas and Tiffany came across MiracleFeet.

“[We] looked at the website and read all the wonderful work you guys do and we knew that MiracleFeet would be the best place to send the money we raised. It would be used in the right way to help children across the world.”

Gold medal results.

The Nikos Achilles Warriors crossed the finish line at the LA Marathon and raised $3,400! Their efforts provided full treatment for 9 children! “It was tough,” they said, “everyone wanted to give up at some point but we powered through, with everyone’s support and love!”

The whole MiracleFeet team is incredibly grateful for wonderful impact from the Philippou Family and their network. The Nikos Achilles Warriors truly made a difference with every step they took in the LA Marathon—all 52,400 of them!