Cream Pies & Clubfoot: The Miller Family Fundraiser

June 19, 2017

Shortly after deciding to raise money for MiracleFeet, Ashley Miller and her husband came up with a creative, if not messy, way to get their kids excited about the process. The couple made a bet with their four boys that if they reached their fundraising goal, the kids would get to smash a whipped cream pie in their mother’s face. Needless to say, the Miller family has reached its fundraising goal every year since. This year they raised an impressive $2,300!

Two of the Miller children, Lewis (age 9) and Miles (age 3), were born with bilateral clubfoot. Upon learning about MiracleFeet through Facebook, Ashley began to research the organization and said she was impressed by the dedication of the staff. From there she discovered numerous Facebook support groups for families impacted by clubfoot. She joined one of these groups on May 21st, 2015, and shortly after learned that June 3rd was World Clubfoot Day. She and her husband knew then that they wanted to take a more active role in the clubfoot community.

“We then began talking about how we could raise awareness of the deformity, help others in need, and also to celebrate the treatment of clubfoot,” Miller said.

In addition to motivating their kids with the whipped cream pie bet, the Millers said there were many factors that contributed to their fundraiser’s success. Ashley said that the majority of the people they encounter have never heard of clubfoot; or if they have, they knew someone who had to wear “special shoes” as a child, but didn’t know the technical term for the condition. Throughout the fundraising process, the Millers shared pictures, stories and facts in order to educate as many people as they could about clubfoot.

“This fundraiser allows us the opportunity to not only share our story but to enlighten others as to the effects of clubfoot in other parts of the world,” Ashley said.

Ashley also praised MiracleFeet for helping families all over the globe affected by clubfoot, and said that the organization is especially passionate about helping children who are less fortunate.

“MiracleFeet has worked hard to help children around the world be able to walk and play like children should,” she said.

The Millers are excited to continue collaborating with MiracleFeet in the future, and they encourage anyone who wants to fundraise to get out and do it.

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